Your Quick Start Guide to Finding the Best Payroll Service for Your Small Business

So you’ve decided to finally choose a payroll service to handle your company’s payroll needs, and now you want to choose the best possible company to provide for you. this guide has been updated to be as accurate as possible to the year of 2017. Out of dozens of options, we have divided our top four options to be specific to what company you run, whether it be a small business or a household production.

Intuit Payroll

If you are a small business looking for the most optimal payroll service, Intuit payroll is most likely your strongest opportunity. Intuit Payroll gives small business payroll services that are easily manageable and integratable with the QuickBooks accounting software tool. Intuit Payroll has a reasonable price from as little as $20 all the way to $99 per month, depending on the plan you are looking for. Per employee serviced in the company is is only $2 per employee, the cheapest out of all other options. There is also a tax-handling guarantee to full-service members, as well as a highly rated standard customer service(including phone, email, and live chat).


If you are a very small business looking for a payroll service, OnPay is most likely the best option for you. OnPay’s provided payroll services let small business run an unlimited amount of payrolls each with no extra charge. OnPay also allows employees to use direct deposit or check, as well as providing a well-built user-interface for their online system. OnPay is strictly $36 per month, with only $4 per employee, as well as a tax guarantee and 5-star customer service(including phone, email, and live chat support).


If you are a sole proprietor or S corporation looking for a payroll service, Gusto is just what you need. Gusto provides payroll services for W-2 employees and outside contractors. Gusto provides a cloud system to handle features such as direct deposit, an autopilot tool, and new hire reports. Gusto has a base cost of $39 per month, and $6 per employee, with a guaranteed tax support, and 5-star customer service through phone, email, and live chat.


For customers who need a payroll service to solely handle their household employees, SurePayroll is the best option for you. SurePayroll provides payroll services to nannies, senior care-takers, yard workers, and many more. SurePay includes payroll and tax guarantee. SurePay has a base fee of $49.99 per month, including the most likely 1 employee(if there are more than one, it is $4 extra for each person), and a 5-star customer service through phone and email.

Dependent on your company, Intuit is overall the strongest, most reliable, and affordable option out of all other options, although depending on size, that may differ. However, all of the payroll companies are trusted and reliable companies that provide 5-star payroll service to all of their employers, and is without question that you will be satisfied no matter which of these you do decide to choose.

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Making Your Payroll Services Australia Work for You without Making Life Difficult

What happens if you hire the wrong payroll services Australia? You may hire someone who is less than qualified and that of course leads to mistakes. Do you really want this? Of course you don’t as it makes life complicated and very difficult to say the least. It can lead to a lot of trouble for you and it could spell disaster for your entire business. That is why you need to find a trustworthy payroll service for your company.

You Must Ensure the Professional You Hire Is At the Top of Their Game

It’s easy to hire the first person you see but it isn’t always the best solution. The person or people you hire ideally should be at the top of their game. If they aren’t, you may get less than satisfactory results and that just adds unnecessary strain and pressure onto your life. Instead of doing this, you can hire a professional who knows how to run payroll with ease and making things simpler! The payroll service you hire must be at the top of their game and it’s wise to ensure they are highly recommended. It’s not just about getting a good service but avoiding potential headaches later.

If You Don’t Trust Your Payroll Services Australia, You Have Serious Problems

If you hire someone you aren’t pleased with then you cannot trust them to look after your business interests and that spells trouble. In truth, trust enables businessmen and women to allow a payroll team sufficient time to get on with their work without making it difficult for them. They in turn, offer a good service without any added trouble or hassle. That is what every business needs as it makes life far easier for everyone. If you’re looking into payroll outsourcing, you must ensure the person or people you hire are people you trust and will be happy leaving in charge of payroll.

Check Their References and Ensure you’re Happy with what they’re offering

Carrying out a few checks might seem extremely boring and frustrating but it’s a good waste of time. If you don’t know all about your potential new candidate or their firm, you put your business in danger. That is not a wise move and you must look at protecting your business. That is why it’s necessary to look closely at the references the payroll services or professional provides and actually carry-out the necessary checks. This is the only real way to ensure the people you hire are who they say they are and are qualified for the job also. If not, you never know what could happen to your business.

Success Is a Possibility

No-one wants to spend time unravelling the mess a terrible payroll team has left behind but it’s a possibility if you hire the wrong people. Yes, payroll isn’t the most troublesome area in business to deal with but it’s only easy when you have the experience to deal with it. You cannot take a risk with payroll; you must find a good service so that your business doesn’t suffer. Payroll outsourcing can work for you and if you take the time to find a suitable candidate, it shouldn’t be too troublesome.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need Payroll Services

Top 3 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need Payroll Services

Payroll services aren’t a luxury. They’re not something you can put on the back burner until you have more time to think about it. And they’re not something you can set aside until you have more wiggle room in your budget. These days, payroll services are an absolute necessity, especially for small business owners.

Payroll Services Save You Time

There’s a lot more to payroll than just writing your employees a check every week. You need to know the current payroll tax laws. You need to calculate overtime and sick pay. You need to keep track of deductions for child maintenance orders and student loans. And, let’s not forget employee turnover. You’re constantly adding someone to the roster or letting someone go.

And then you have to worry about tax credits, pensions, taxable employee benefits, retirement funds, and a host of other things that are factored into each and every paycheck. If you have only a half-dozen employees you might spend hours trying to calculate their paycheck and keep track of all the record keeping. And that’s after you spend the time learning how to do it. click here for further details.

They Save You Money

Miscalculating your employees’ paychecks can cause you some serious financial trouble. You might be able to make it up to them, but the government isn’t going to be too happy if they’re not getting the taxes you owe. And usually, these mistakes aren’t discovered until it’s too late. Combined with interest and late fees, when you add it all up, it can really put a dent in your budget—and may be even do irreparable harm. Payroll outsourcing is one hell of a task. for more about payroll services, visit :

Top 3 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need Payroll Services

You can also be held financially responsible by your employees and the courts if you’re not deducting for child maintenance and other court ordered expenses. And you can really hurt your employees’ financial future if you’re not taking care of student loans and other automatic deductions. Any of these errors could be devastating for you and your associates.

They Add Credibility

As a small business owner you understand how difficult it is to find good, reliable help. Your company will look much more professional to potential employees when they see that they’ll get an itemized stub every pay period and that you can offer direct deposit for the paychecks.

People who need these special services, like withholding for child maintenance or payment of student loans, will be more willing to come to work for you when they see that their pay is going to be handled in a professional manner instead of just having some guy in the back room write them a personal check every week.

As a small business owner, you owe it to yourself and your employees to stop putting it off. Take a few minutes and learn how professional payroll services can benefit you and your company.

Payroll services Australia protect you and your small business from making costly mistakes. Save money, save time, and protect your assets with a payroll service.

How A Small Business Saves Time And Money With Payroll Services

How A Small Business Saves Time And Money With Payroll Services

Many people believe our world has become too regulated. For example, it takes a huge amount of time and effort every month for a small business owner to properly prepare their company’s payroll. The process is labor intensive, time consuming, and very complex. Payroll outsourcing is highly recommended. click here for more details.

However, small business owners are now finding that online payroll services are an ideal way for them to save money and free up a lot of their time. Read this article and you will find out if a payroll service company would be right for you and your business.

Both small businesses, as well as large corporations have to do multiple calculations when they are preparing their company’s payroll. They have to compute taxes, loans, health insurance, deductions, and more. All of these will affect the bottom line on every employee’s paycheck. Laws must be complied with and all of the calculations must be accurate. If not, the company will be subject to paying penalties.

Most small business owners can’t afford to buy software and/or human resource systems to automate the process. Therefore, they need a viable and cost effective alternative. The alternative that many have found that meets their needs is hiring one of the online payroll services companies to do the brunt of the work for them.

These companies will do the majority of the work. All that the business owner needs to do is to fill in their employee’s details and the amount of hours that they worked. The payroll services company will then do all of the complex calculations in order to determine the taxes that need to be withheld, along with all of the other aspects necessary as per legal requirements.

Then, once the calculations have been made, employees will be paid either through direct deposit into their bank account or by check.

Virtually the entire process is taken care of by the payroll service provider. The business owner and any employee(s) that may have previously been involved in the process are left stress free. In addition, companies who have hired these businesses on the Internet to help them have found that they have saved manpower, operating costs, and a lot of time. for further details, click on :

How A Small Business Saves Time And Money With Payroll Services

There are a lot of online payroll service companies to choose from. When considering which would be the best for you, make sure that the one you choose is in tax compliance. Aside from deducting the correct taxes the service provider must automatically file returns quarterly.

They should also be able to withhold taxes according to federal and state requirements, track sick leave, vacations, insurance and retirement plan deductions, contributions, and more. Ideally they will be able to integrate with one of the popular accounting software programs. This will eliminate the need of having to manually enter data.

And, of course, their cost must be taken into consideration.

Do a search on the Internet and you will find hundreds, if not thousands of companies that offer payroll services. To find one that has been in business since 1998, go to